Corporate Values

Pyramid Corporation - 2006

There is a culture of quality and commitment at Pyramid, one that is easily stated, but delivered through a tireless effort. Strong leadership sets objectives and standards, but the valuable contributions of every employee has made our company a true industry leader.

Our Commitment – To be the Electrical and Instrumentation industry leader while adapting to a changing technical environment.

The statement we choose to make is about industry and change. To become a leader you need excellence, but to remain as such requires an endless resolve to meet new challenges and innovate processes. This has made us a reliable and dependable choice in the growing size and complexity of the electrical and instrumentation world.

The Standards of Pyramid

We have designed a set of standards for our company, in regards to our work, our employees and our community. Growth should never sacrifice the values that built Pyramid into one of the most respected organizations in our industry.

Corporate Objectives:

  • Safe Operations.
  • To be the electrical and instrumentation industry leader.
  • Total customer satisfaction.
  • Employee education to ensure development and success.
  • Corporate strength and profitability.
  • Responsible member of the community.

A very straight forward list, but it brings with it every component that matters most to us. Delivering customer value through safe work, leadership through corporate strength and a untiring loyalty to our employees and community.