Our Services

Our Markets:

  • Conventional Oil
  • Heavy Oil
  • Gas Production & Compression
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Power Co-Generation
  • Petro-Chemical Manufacturing

Clients have come to depend on us because of our ability to scale up while still delivering a high quality job. Pyramid Corporation can access massive stores of equipment and manpower, as well as the numerous sub-companies that we own. This means we can command the high quality that specialized companies offer, along with the sheer scale to tackle the largest projects in North America.

Construction Services

Pyramid Corporation provides complete E&I construction services to our customers; from management to construction, we can complete all elements of our business. This provides our customers with confidence, knowing that an experience and capable organization is controlling all aspects of production.

Maintenance Services

Our E&I maintenance program is about agility; having specialized teams that can maneuver to your operations. This is a 24/7 support model that works to keep your production running efficiently and safely. On call, highly experienced and certified to work on your sites; give us a call anytime and we respond quickly.

Meters and Measures

The accuracy and reliable performance of your meters and gauges is critical to a successful operation. We have mobile teams and highly proficient meter shop to help calibrate and confirm the reads on your equipment. Pyramid Corporation even has a well testing group that is routinely certified to ensure dependable service.

Control Panel Manufacturing

Pyramid Corporation designs and manufactures our own control panels in house, both as ready to purchase models or designed to your specifications. All of our systems are built to the highest national standards and use top quality materials for long term operational efficiency.

Well Optimization

Our in house programming team has built a sophisticated optimization tool to provide greater control and operational precision to wells. Complete with analytics and reporting, you can easily track performance and calibrate your equipment for ideal efficiency.

Modular Buildings

With massive outdoor and indoor manufacturing space, we can control every aspect of fabrication. Our modular buildings are designed to your requirements, customized for features, HVAC and electrical needs. View our extensive product selection and ways we can enhance a modular building to suit your business.

Flare Stack Servicing & Maintenance

Pyramid Corporation offers Flare Stack servicing and maintenance out of our Nisku Branch location.