Control Panel Manufacturing

Complete In House Manufacturing

You want a high quality panel built precisely to spec, and with our 25,000 sqft of manufacturing capacity, we offer an assortment of standard products and a complete custom service. With total in house production, quality control and testing, we can deliver top quality control panels that meet all required standards.

Working with both hazardous and non-hazardous certifications, Pyramid Corporation is completely prepared for the most stringent of manufacturing standards. We strictly apply to all CSA standards and use only certified electrical and instrumentation tradespeople in our facilities. Assembly, quality control and testing is all performed by experienced and qualified individuals.

This rigorous approach ensures that we achieve the highest quality while meeting the expectations of our clients individual specifications.

Standard Manufactured Products:

  • Oil well controllers
  • Combination starters (Nema 12 and 3R)
  • Combination starters c/w 1Ph-3Ph. 480vac phase converters
  • 480vac Power Factor Correction capacitors
  • Flare ignition control systems
  • Variable Frequency Drive packages
  • Multi well VFD re-locatable buildings
  • Compressor shut down panels
  • Dryer sequencing panels

Custom Panel Fabrication

The requirements and features of a panel are unique to the situation; so we equipped both of our shops to handle custom control panel fabrication. Our team will help identify your requirements, map a specific product, build it
and test it.

This complete service has become invaluable to our customers who require custom products on their projects. By controlling every element of our production, we can hit important deadlines while still offering a manufacturing service that is specific to each customer.

Custom Manufactured Products:

  • PLC control cabinets
  • Relay panels
  • Pneumatic control panels
  • Contactor panels (heat trace and lighting)
  • Distribution assemblies
  • Control consoles
  • Termination junction boxes
  • Marshalling panels
  • Specialized enclosures and wire ways
  • RTU control panels
  • Cellular ARU panels
  • SCADA panels
  • Analytical and sampling panels
  • Equipment test benches
  • Complete pre wired modular MCC, VFD, and Control buildings
  • Hazardous location control panels
  • Electronic 19” rack enclosures and panels

Options and Rating

To complement our custom manufacturing process, we offer our clients a variety of options and enclosures. These features add new functionality, meet different standards and help take your control panels into new environments or applications.

Control Panel Options:

  • Utility receptacles
  • Fluorescent lighting c/w door switch
  • Thermostat controlled heating packages
  • Thermostat controlled cooling packages
  • Filtered louvers
  • Mounting stands and supports
  • Surge suppression
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Fold down laptop tables
  • Data pockets
  • Insulated enclosures
  • Type 1, 12, 3R, 4 and 4X window kits
  • Swing Out inner panels
  • Pedestals, casters, swivel kits
  • Cable management wireways
  • Custom enclosure top hats and bottom wireways

Enclosure Options:

  • Cold rolled steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Galvanized steel
  • Many custom colors available

NEMA Ratings:

  •  Type 1- General purpose
  • Type 12- Indoor with a degree of protection against dust
  • Type 3R- Indoor/outdoor with a degree of protection against rain and snow
  • Type 4- Indoor/outdoor with a degree of protection against wind blown dust and rain
  • Type 4X- Indoor/outdoor with a degree of protection against corrosion, wind blown dust and rain
  • Type 7&9- Class 1 & 11 hazardous locations