Flare Stack Servicing & Maintenance

Pyramid Corporation offers Flare Stack servicing and maintenance out of our
Nisku Branch location.

Our Flare System Specialists are available to service and maintain the system after installation.

Our industry leading experience and ability to work across multiple processes makes us the go-to choice for Flare Stack servicing and maintenance.

Service List

  • Servicing of Flare Stacks:
    • UAV Inspections
    • Retro-Fits
    • Maintenance 
    • Electrical and Mechanical Inspections
    • Guide Wire Tensioning
    • Hydro-Torching
    • Installations

24/7 Response

Downtime is a hassle in any circumstance, so we offer 24 hour service and support from our Nisku, Alberta branch office. 

Flare Stack Service & Maintenance

Nisku, Alberta
2308 8th Street, Nisku, AB T9E 7Z2

Phone: 780-955-2988